The gambling market in Sweden is growing fast
There has been a fast growing of the Swedish gambling market. It was commented on by the Lotteriinspektionen, which is a casino regulator for Sweden. According to it, there has been a 5% growth just in the first three quarters of 2016, year-on-year.

That is impressive for such a young market, and shows a quick rise, so the scope of gambling online is becoming wider. The revenues earned in total for that period, the first three quarters of 2016, amounted to the equivalent of 1.6 billion Euro, which is 16.2 billion SEK! The state owned Svenska Spel was an especially successful gambling company, particularly in online gambling.

The company confirmed that its revenue was 6.5 billion Swedish Kronas, which was an even higher rise compared to the total revenues for the first nine months of 2016. It was as much as 12%! But on the other hand, the revenue from land based casinos experienced a drop of 3%.

The state owned Svenska Spel was so successful that its gambling revenues made up 40% of the whole gambling revenues amount for Sweden.

With such impressive percentage rise, it is clear the interest in online gambling in Sweden is definitely on the rise, and it is soaring fast. In a short period, the rate of growth achieved is surprising. And of course, that means more enjoyment for Swedish punters, because they concentrate more on online gaming. Because this is a catchy passion, the rise in interest is expected to continue, and more players can be expected to get infected with the appeal of this form of entertainment.

With the rise in revenues, the prospects for Sweden in this respect also look very good. It is enough to mention that the revenues generated by casino operators from other countries amounted to 23% of the total revenue amount. And the amount generated has risen by 16% since 2015.