Playtech Boosts Player Engagement Efforts with Captain Up Deal
Supplier of gambling services and solutions Playtech has decided to approach player retention as an important driver of the industry’s growth in a bit more innovative manner. It has opted for Captain Up’s real-time engagement and retention platform, according to the terms of a deal the two businesses announced on Monday.

Generally speaking, the Captain Up product allows operators to attract and retain players by exploring and exploiting behavioral economics that can assist the provision of personalized gaming content or content that answers the needs of certain player groups.

Captain Up’s platform has so far been used by several gambling operators. Being integrated into Playtech’s larger IMS player management system, the platform will now get wider access to international gambling businesses and their players.

The product, which represents personalization as a growing trend in the gambling space, has been promoted as one aimed at helping operators increase revenues by boosting patron engagement and securing higher level of brand loyalty, and providing players with real-time communication and social interaction opportunities.

Generally speaking, Captain Up’s platform tries to engage players by offering them the chance to level up, to compete for better positions in different leaderboards, to participate in tournaments, to win badges and thus boast for their accomplishments, and many more.

Using real-time data, the Captain Up platform also offers operators insights into the way their players react to their offering and to what type of offering each individual player reacts in a more positive manner. Here it is also important to note that the platform features web-based back office to assist operators in monitoring and managing activity, and analyzing customers’ actions and behavior.

In an industry so competitive, player acquisition and retention have become two very challenging tasks. Providing players with innovative, high-quality gambling content may no longer be enough to engage them and make them stay longer. This is why big data analysis and the deployment of tools that facilitate big data analysis have been gaining popularity in the international gambling space and have been deployed first mainly by sports betting operators and then by ones offering different gaming solutions.